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Are you wondering which should be your next great read but you still can’t decide? You are in the right place then. Here we love books and like to share our passion with others. The more, the merrier.

So, we not only write articles for those who already are avid readers, but also for those who are just taking their first steps with reading. This is a habit that can very easily turn into a passion.

If you want to read a classic, we’ve got you covered. Are looking for something less traditional? You will also find it here. And if you like one of our recommendations and you think that that is the book that you want to read right now, then you can buy it on our web store.

You will find everything here, from dystopias that show how society is controlled by the government and potentially reflect our future, to introductory manuals about physics. Either you want to learn, reflect, or just have some fun reading, here there is something for everyone.

And if you just have no idea about where to start, you can read our tips and rankings about the best books of the year, the classics that you should not miss, and more.

If you are not sure about whether you should start reading as a daily habit, then our articles will demonstrate the top reasons why should do it. Here is a hint: not only do you learn more when you read, but it can also give a boost to your career and make your brain work better. Who wouldn’t want that?

We are a team of book lovers. Of course, we read a lot of books, but our passion for the written word does not stop there. We also like to be informed about news, the latest research discoveries, and more.

This means that when you read an article from our site, you can rest assured that all the information has been researched and checked thoroughly. After all, that is our passion, right?